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Collector Car Investment!

We are based out of Frederick Maryland
providing collector car appraisal services throughout the state of Maryland
and surrounding areas

Know How Your ABC's Can Save You Money


Collector Car Appraisals in Maryland, DC, Virginia and PA Before making an investment in purchasing a vehicle, you should consult with an expert to determine it's true value.

This is true for Antique Cars, Classic Cars, Special Interest Cars, Exotic Cars, Street Rods and Trucks.


We Will:

  • Assist You in Meeting Your Goals for Marketing Your Collector Car

We Will NOT:

  • Require Possession of Your Car
  • Touch Your Money


Call the Collector Car Appraisers before:

  • Buying an Antique or Vintage Car
  • Selling an Antique or Vintage Car
  • Restoring an Antique or Vintage Car
  • Litigating
  • Insuring
  • Repairing
  • A Full Written Report Backed by 45 Years of Experience

  • Appraisals for One Car or a Large Collection

  • On-site Service

  • Approved Expert Witness

$50 Discount on Car Appraisal