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A Full Written Report Backed by 45 Years of Experience

Before making an investment in purchasing a vehicle, you should consult with an expert to determine its true value.

This is true for Antique Cars, Classic Cars, Special Interest Cars, Exotic Cars, Street Rods and Trucks.

Appraisals for One Car or a Large Collection

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The Value in Having an Appraisal

We Provide our clients with the best auto appraisal reports for their custom and collector car valuation needs. We offer the following nationwide certified appraisal services for your custom, classic, or late model vehicle:

  • Collector and Custom Car Insurance Agreed Value/Replacement Value

  • Prior to Loss Fair Market Value-Before Accident Valuation

  • Diminished Value After Accident Valuation

  • Estate, Bankruptcy and Divorce Valuations

  • Finance Appraisals

  • Pre-Purchase Inspections 

*Pre-Purchase Inspections may require an additional expense, if a sublet company is required to provide a vehicle lift, and/or the use of a stall in a auto service center.

What we Appraise

Our experienced appraisers use the latest software and up to date market data to value your vehicle. Let Collector Car Interests document, research, and value your vehicle. We routinely perform appraisals of the following vehicle types:

  • Numbers Matching Muscle Cars

  • Modern-Late Model Vehicles

  • Original Collector Vehicles 

  • Antique Vehicles

  • Custom Show Cars

  • Hot Rods - Street Rods

  • Kustoms

  • Exotic Sports Cars

  • Stock, Classic, and Custom Motorcycles

  • Stock, Classic, and Custom Trucks

  • Project Cars

  • Pro-Street

  • Resto-Mods

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How We Appraise

How we formulate a vehicle appraisal for a client/customer.

  1. We request that the client provide us with photos of certain documents. The primary one would be the registration card or title. The purpose here is to establish ownership, address and the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

  2. Also requested would be photos. As many as the client can provide. Good examples would be all four corners of the vehicle, interior, dash, engine bay and trunk.

  3. With all that assembled we can start the data investigation of value based upon the VIN and features of the vehicle.

  4. Research of value comes via the NAAA. (National Auto Auction Association) that is purchased by Hagerty, NADA, CCMR, Edmonds, Kelly Blue, Black Book and such.

  5. Finally, would be the actual physical inspection that establishes the condition of the vehicle.

  6. By using an established grade by condition format, (see separate condition grading document) the appraiser ascertains value. Many other factors can provide an improvement of value. See number 7

  7. Being the original owner or a one family owned. Having a lot or some of the original paperwork (bill of sale, window sticker, build sheets, owner’s manuals warranty cards, Original keys among other items.)

  8. Our appraisal service would then provide the client a PDF appraisal document . This is a document that can be sent, printed and saved to a computer for later reference.

Please reach out directly to CCI for additional information. We identify that  appraisals and our services can be unique in nature, and it's best to discuss details and plans of action for your assets.

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We know that sometimes you may need a conversation with an expert to help you with your car inquiry, depending on different circumstances and life situations. Please feel free to contact us, and we will be sure to get back with you as soon as possible. Thanks! - The CCI team

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