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Off to Mecum!

Auction Escort/Guide Service

Auto Auction Escort: Features


Collector Car Interests (CCI) can assist you in selling your car at the Mecum Harrisburg Collector Car Auto Auction

Chris from CCI (Collector Car Interests) will contact a Mecum Consignment Agent regarding your vehicle (s) to be sold at Mecum Collector Car Auto Auction. Arranging lane placement on particular days are sometimes hard to get if the vehicles are consigned late. The success to selling at any collector auction is to allow them to get you a good space for the best day for that particular vehicle and by using their Marketing Department market your vehicle.

Mecum can arrange to pick up your vehicle and transport it to the auction.

CCI will be at the auction to assure that the auction process goes smoothly on the client’s behalf.



Documents associated with your vehicle can greatly assist in selling your vehicle.

Original Bill of Sales.

Original Dealership purchase paperwork.

Original owner’s manuals.

Warranty documents

Window stickers (later they were called a Maroni labels).

Broadcast or build sheets that the factory used to build the vehicle.

Awards from Clubs, Associations,

Certificates provided by specialty advisers. (Marti)

Appraisals provided by a certified Appraiser.

Typical auction fees:

$500.00 entrance fee

10% seller fee. (being sold with a reserve. This means you set a price that you will sell the vehicle for providing it reaches that amount)

5% seller fee (being sold without a reserve).

“Main Attraction” Fees are based upon the day and premium lane positions.

“Star” Car fees are based upon the day and premium lane position.

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